W8GEX DX Bulletin

In July this year, the Cyprus telecommunications ministry has assigned us the two new bands including the much anticipated 60m.
5B has become newone for everyone and the next day I was immediately active at 5357kHz in JT65 and 5354kHz in CW.

A few days later, unexpectedly, Joe’s DX bulletin mailed me to report my activity as a newone in 60m.I must be sincere in asserting that I did not know it as a DX bulletin.

To date, two months gone by, his bulletin comes to me by mail, and I must say that she is always full of interesting news, as well as being easy to read and enjoyable in the graphics.

Thanks to Joe for the time he dedicates to writing it and sending it to us by mail, a simple and enjoyable tool to help us discover new activities somewhere on the planet earth!

Joe writes at the bottom of his bullettin : If you know anyone who wants to be added to this newsletter, if you have any 60m news to share, or if you are going on a DXpedition and plan a 60m operation, please let me know w8gex@aol.com