Russian EME Contest

We are on the second day of the contest … strange condition with vibrant and often not decoded tracks.
A lot of QSB yesterday but very strong signals when present.
Yesterday I made a change to the position of the coaxial cables from the two yagis to the coupler by passing them behind the reflector, extending the boom by 50cm.
High elevation during the middle hours between MR and MS at almost 80deg which causes me some RF problem, evidently the antennas see the surrounding structures when the antennas are at maximum elevation at 1kW out.


Tonight, after the MS I will write the QSLs of the OQRS received and tomorrow I will go to the post office for shipments.

GL in  contest de 5B0EME



14:30z … MoonSet … my RU EME C ontest ends here

54 QSO .. uploaded right now on Clublog …

Thanks to everyone called me .. made QSO or missed !