E6ET – Niue 2019

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E6ET – Niue Island 2019

During the CQ WPX SSB Contest I will be active as SO20LP (100W out) Not Assisted !!

Equipment :

2x Icom IC-7300 + solid state amplifier
2x 40A switching
2x Laptop (running Wintest and FT8 dxped software)

Antennas :

6m : Mono Quad @ 8mh
10m : Mono Quad @ 8mh
15m : Mono Quad @ 8mh
17/20m : Homemade 1/2 wave Vertical Antenna
30/40/60/160m : Homemade 18mh Vertical Antenna

RX antenna : 100m BOG

Bands : 6/10/15/17/20/30/40/60/160m
(for 6m activities – WWLOC : AH50)



Below the draft of the QSL that will be updated with the new supporters.
(The background will be replaced by a similar photo shot during the activities where the antennas will be visible)

DXpedition Details

Departure: March 16, 2019 via Dubai, Auckland, Niue
Travel time: 43hours

Arrival: March 18, 2019 Niue
Start activities: the same day of arrival
End Activities: April 2, 2019

Return: April 2, 2019 via Auckland, Dubai

All my Equipments are protected and managed by :

E6ET will be active in FT8 mode focus the 20m during the day and 40/60m during the night.

A 40m or 60m station will be active all night, from 7:00 UTC (20:00 local) to 17:00 UTC (6:00 local), in FT8.

Occasionally, during the day, the same station will be activated in 20m FT8

E6ET will be able to manage up to 5 signals simultaneously without the need for the correspondents to set any type of fox & hunt option but simply by calling E6ET as in a normal QSO.

You do not have to set any DXpedition mode option, do not worry if you will see E6ET working on you and other stations simultaneously, send RRR73 and the QSO will be done !!

E6ETは、日中は20m、夜間は40 / 60mに焦点を当てたFT8モードでアクティブになります。

40mまたは60mの駅は、FT8の午前7時(現地時間の20:00)から17:00 UTC(午前6:00まで)の間、毎晩アクティブになります。

時折、昼間に同じ駅が20m FT8



FT8 Frequencies

160m : 1842 – 1909 (JA) KHz
60m   : 5358 KHz
40m   : 7055 KHz
30m   : 10140 KHz
20m   : 14080 KHz
17m   : 18106 KHz
15m   : 21090 KHz
10m   : 28070 KHz
6m     : 50300 KHz

Some analisys about Niue on the bands and continents :


10m 12m 15m 17m 20m 30m 40m 10m 12m 15m 17m 20m 30m 40m 10m 12m 15m 17m 20m 30m 40m
EU 59 49 57 77 127 100 49 56 53 67 57 66 16 52 57 60 135 80 83 78
NA 250 307 229 239 136 223 183 244 244 145 91 67 80 214 246 173 229 96 173 139
SA 139 140 172 170 130 140 122 117 117 88 62 68 44 124 116 100 152 103 123 89
AS 269 273 240 257 223 266 245 279 279 204 213 174 171 236 265 208 260 222 244 240
160m 78
GENERAL 116 71 107

Propagation Prediction

Donors and Supporter

Any donation will be very accepted and welcomed :


a) For Donation at least of € 5,00 you will automatically qualify for free OQRS after the expedition

b) For Donation at least of € 15,00 you will automatically qualify for free OQRS after the activities, callsign printed on the page 2 of the QSL

c) For Donation at least of € 50,00 you will automatically qualify for free OQRS after the activities, callsign or logo printed on the back of the QSL and receive the FullHD Video of the DXpedition direct at home

d) For Donation at least of € 100,00 you will automatically qualify for free OQRS after the activities, callsign or logo printed on the back of the QSL and receive the FullHD Video of the DXpedition direct at home… LOTW upload priority !!!


Any donors will support E6ET with donation at least of € 15,00 will receive by email the Full Resolution “Certificate of Appreciation”.

Below the contributions received from the private donors

Top Donors – € 100,00 or more

DJ8NK Christian
LA2IR Einar
N3OUC Michael
KK6M David
WS5W Steve
KG4IYS Chester

at least of € 50,00

EA6HM Pepe
G4CGG Richard
N8BI Jacques
DL8JDX Volker
W6RS Richard
K2SN Stephen
N0MHJ Gene
HA5JI/M Ilyés
JA8UIV Hisashi
I7OEB Mauro
JH1RVQ Koichi
NH6Y Thomas
W0PE Fred
W3ACO Richard
W7TG Tom
IZ4OXQ Stefano
WA2OOO William
JA6GPR Toshihiro

at least of € 15,00

IK2LTR Fabio IK2XYF Massimo
5B4ALR Stelios W1SKU Frederick
JG1UKW Toshi N6DLB David
EU1KY Yuri W5WI H. Dale
DL3JJ Ralf K5PS Scott
HB9BGV Martin W5MJ Madison
K0AIZ Arthur K7BV Dennis
JH1URT Yoshi I2NOI Pierangelo
K2AZ John KC3HFW Tom
K2AZ John AC4G Bruce
W7AY Kok OE9GHV Holger
N4TV Thomas NR5R Noel
W8GC VE3NI Daniel
VP9AD Allan DK7RD Thorsten
HB9BEM Hansjörg EA8AK Fernando
AC2G Robert G4XEE Derek
S55VM Veljko K4XD Rowland
HB9CWA Ludwig K7NM
KA3UNQ James KG0YL Nancy
KE6FV Steven K6MCS Mike
VE6EI Joel KG9Z Scott
W3RJW Ronald W5RG Robert
W7QL Carlos W9KCM Charles
DO1BEN Bernd LY2XW Vyginta
DO1BEN Bernd PE5TS Roelof
OZ0J Joe LY2XW Vyginta
NL8F Tim JA1MSS Tamio​Abe
G0BLB Richard HK4EI Juan
K4AFE John K4AMI Charles
K5PE Roger KC4LZN John
K7QXG Robert KF7GMV Herbert
N0RB Richard EA8DO Angel Martin
K8KT Karl LA7XK Halvard
N4TV Thomas N6DXX Anton
N6NU Andreas KF7ZN Ron
ON4PM Philippe N6OI Frank
N9MB Major N7RXL Graydon
W1GXH Alan

at least of € 5,00

K2HAT Lee DJ0QN Mitchell
K6FOD Franklin W2PK
EA3JL Victor W2GW John
K1X Virginia VK6XJ John
KA1J Gary G3ZHL John
IK7KPG Giuseppe 4X4DK Ami
OE3GCU Guenther UA4CC Аркадий
PP5BZ Fabio K4ESE Neill
W9ILY John JA1MSS Tamio​Abe
HA1DAE Tibor JA1QOW Kazuo
IZ2DLV Gilberto JR2LGW 和幸 前田
W7WP David ON4IZ Hendrik
OK7GU Milan NA6L John
UX1UA Sergei W6ER Donald
SV1XV Konstantinos JA4DND Hiro
W4PID Julian JI1MNT Watanabe Jun
K4UFB Earl OK1RD Jaroslav
NZ7P Kirk G3SPB David
KP3LH Rafael JA1RTX Takao
K6QU Gerald K8JH James
OH8SR Markku KZ2I Stephen

Below the business logos of the clubs / foundations support :