FK/5B4ALX – New Caledonia

Date and Details

Departure: March 18, 2018 via Dubai, Sidney, Noumea
Travel time: 38hours

Arrival: March 20, 2018 Noumea
Start activities: the same day of arrival
End Activities: April 4, 2018

Return: April 4, 2018 via Melbourne, Dubai

Bands and Modes

Bands : 160-80-60-40-30-20-17-15-12-10m

Mode : SSB-CW-RTTY – during noprop FT8 random


Equipment :
Icom IC-7300 (100W no PA)
2x 50A switching
Laptop (running Wintest and WSJT-X)

Antennas :
17-20m : Homemade 1/2 wave Vertical Antenna
15m : 2 wave wire Antenna
40-30m: 1 wave wire Antenna

Informations and Note


During the CQ WPX SSB Contest I will be active as SO20QRP (5W out) Not Assisted !!

The field for the antenna isnt much and I would like to allow as many stations to log FK, so my choice is to operate “good” on a few bands and few modes but “bands closed” and “short skip” should be a problem so i’m working hard in order to be active in any band with the best antenna system possible.

You can read my first look article at this link :