RDXP – OQRS and QSL Policies


Unfortunately, in recent years we have had to experience a sudden increase in the use of Remote DX Stations.

If before the bad habit was to use the Remote SDR now the situation has worsened leading to practices completely out of any DX Code of Conduct.

For this reason RDXP applies the following few rules that you can find on the dedicated page by clicking on the logo located at the bottom right.


The OQRS is usualy open already at the beginning of each activity but only at the end of the activities the QSOs related to the OQRS requests will be checked and if they fall within those marked as “fake” the donated amount will be refunded and the QSOs, as usual, deleted from the log.


After your OQRS, or if you sent the QSL request direct by postal mail, you can check the “Online QSL Service” directly from the button you can find at the right side of this page or you can find the same link from the HomePage top-bar.

At this link you can see, typing your callsign, the status of your request, if it has been received, the receiving date and the send/mode date.


I hope all this long and accurate job makes your experience with RDXP as much clear and satisfy as possible !