Sweden … because my wife and I have started a life project, a radical future change following what our common desires have prompted us to create.
Our dream and project of a life far from noise, chaos, pollution, where to raise children in contact with nature.
Our dream of a small B&B with 3/4 rooms where to offer our guests relax, quiet and … a good memory!


This is how “Bra Minne” was born … if you are interested click on the logo on the right and you can follow us in the creation of our dream which will also be yours if you are one day our guests!


If you will listen to me or if you have listened to me and made QSO, I was definitely in the north of Sweden, exactly in Luleå.

Below you can see the subdivision of the “Swedish call areas” … the area where we are developing our project is the zone 2 .. so SM2!


Amateur radio visitors to Sweden



Foreign radio amateurs with a CEPT HAREC (acc. T/R 61-01) license can, for a stay of up to three months, without a special permit operate amateur radio in Sweden. The temporary call sign to be used is SM/your call or SA/your call. You have the option to add the call area. E.g. SM2/your call.

Foreign radio amateurs with a CEPT HAREC (acc. T/R 61-01) license staying for a longer time and having an address in Sweden can apply for a permanent Swedish call sign. Apply to SSA, e-mail address

Holders of a foreign CEPT HAREC (acc. T / R 61-01) license may operate on the same terms as Swedish license holders. Sweden has only one license category.

QSL and LOTW :


All the QSOs made are, for now, confirmed only via LOTW at least until I will get a Swedish license, then I will have the QSLs printed and I will be also able to confirm a paper QSL.
But if anyway you want to send it to me (for the moment via IZ4AMS) it will be certainly appreciated !