DXCofC and ALLERT !!!

DX Code of Conduct and Remote-DX violation


Considering the continuous worsening of the situation “Remote-DX stations” and DXCC violations, as someone has recently done, I too have decided (and I hope other DXpeditions do it from this point forward) to put a stop to this ugly habit !

Already with E6ET I had announced that whoever had violated the DX Code of Conduct repeatedly would have incurred the DELETE of the QSOs carried out and so it was.

But let’s be as clear and honest as possible so no one will have an apology…

The points that I believe NO ONE should violate in respect of the other stations are basically three:

  1. I don’t have to call repeatedly when the DX station is performing QSO with another operator !
  2. I don’t have to call when the DX standard selectively calls Continents or areas other than mine !
  3. I don’t have to use Remote RX or worse Remote DX station (RX-TX) !





I will mark on a table who will repeatedly violate one of the three points .. and at the end of DXpedition I will draw up a list with more or less visible suffixes depending on the severity and insistence of the violations.

For QSOs made remotely there will be the Black List of ALL the QSOs carried out by that station !

The OQRS will be opened immediately but before processing QSLs, appropriate checks will be made and, if the station has violated the DX Code of Conduct, the OQRS will be refounded and the QSOs deleted.

I will be judged bad, presumptuous, crazy .. but I am convinced that the only way to stop these bad habits of arrogance and lack of respect for others is that the DXpeditions take action.

I’m sorry if someone will take it but who organizes the DXpedition invests many thousands of Euros, as well who sponsors it … and he does so also in the hope of being able to connect it … arrogance and impropriety take away the fun of those who made the DXped and those who are interested to be a log honestly !