E6ET – OQRS & QSL status

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Note :


Shipment – ALL the OQRS will be shipped at the address reported on your paypal account

OQRS Clublog favorite, you are sure of receipt and have proof of payment


Events Log


05.04.2019 – QSL draft closed and QSL ordered by typography

07.04.2019 – last log check and upload on clublog – no further log changes will be made

08.04.2019 – full color 4 faces QSL paid

10.04.2019 – LOW Certificate received – 1st Upload

18.04.2019 – the printer tells me that three QSL boxes have been sent to my Italian address today

24.04.2019 – received 3 boxes of card from tipography, start to label !

08.05.2019 – first 350 envelopes stock shipment


QSL status

For QSL Status please check this page