About Me

I’m the GM of AS Security Technology ltd based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

ASST is a professional security and forensic company providing services to corporate and VIP private clients to ensure their privacy is protected. Our clients include government, corporations, high net worth individuals and the general public in the detection of illicit eavesdropping devices.

Based in Nicosia, we operate all over the EU to safeguard all forms of hostile surveillance against businesses and individuals’ interests, localize your cars and recovery your lost data.

You can take a look at our website here : or write us a mail at

You can find me anytime on DMR – my ID is 2800038 and usually I’m QRV on TG280 (Cyprus), 2804 (Larnaca) 

About my Station

actualy my station is made of the following devices

RIGs and Accessories :

  • Yaesu FT-2000D – 200W HF rtx
  • Yaesu FT-1000D – 200W HF rtx
  • Icom IC-275H – 100W VHF rtx
  • Kenwood TS-811 – 35W UHF rtx


Antennas :

Band  RX Antennas TX Antennas
UHF  — projecting 2x 16el yagi
VHF  — 2x 11el LFA yagi AZ+EL  18.9 dBi system (DB9NT LNA)
6m  — 4 + 4 rotable yagi stack
10m  — homemade 2el monoband
12m  — homemade 2el monoband
15m  — homemade 2el monoband
17m  — homemade 2el monoband
20m  — homemade 2el monoband
30m Double Crossed Active Loops homemade 5/8 wave vertical antenna (600m radials)
40m ***no dedicated antenna*** ***no dedicated antenna***
60m Double Crossed Active Loops homemade 1/4 wave vertical antenna (600m radials)
80m Double Crossed Active Loops homemade 1/4 wave vertical antenna (600m radials)
160m Double Crossed Active Loops homemade 1/4 wave inverted L antenna (600m radials)

Coaxial Cables :

Coaxial Cables all CELLFLEX 1/2″