New mast for old antenna !

The previous installation unfortunately did not last long: the 15 + 3m mast installed on the top of the house destined to the 30/60/80/160m bands collapsed due to gusts of wind.

Unfortunately this is the price to pay to live at 5B, very high temperatures, humidity and wind that sometimes does not forgive!

I was in Europe one morning when, looking the camera, I show the disaster… the mast collapsed at 6m from the base, supported by the 6m yagi … omg !!!

As soon as I got back to Cyrpus I replaced the mast with a Spiderbeam HD, adding another aluminum support to the base.
Now the structure is really sturdy and definitive, a couple of anchor points for the tie rods guarantee stability to the mast and to the two inductances placed on the mast, one of which is generously sized for resonance in 160m.

The lengths have changed slightly, but mainly the value of reactance and capacity placed on the antenna has changed before the agreement box and this involves taking several hours to calibrate each band again … it will be long but finally, I hope, forever!