MFJ-944BRT mods

In order to tune the spiderbeam mast on 160m during the E6ET DXpedition (and next ones) I bought a MFJ-944BRT to fix at the base of the mast tuning the wire of the antenna.

Received today the tuner, I open it and discover very poor connections inside :

Two blu wires connected the antenna signal in the board, not bigger than 0,75mmq section.
The gnd is connected to the connector with a 0,5mm solid wire.
Only One gnd connection on board.
Antenna signal now is managed by 2,5mmq copper as well the gnd connections !
Removed all’ the parts not used or necessary….

Added new huge size connection at the lower part for a gnd wire (more than the radials) !


E6ET now is ready for 160m