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I wanted to briefly tell you what’s going on:

  • E6ET – DXpedition to Niue from 18 March to 2 April
  • Activities announced since May 2018 and present on every reflector, Radio News site and 10 month bulletin
  • First activity recognized as SO2R in DXpedition for over 16 days
  • 185 Donors between individuals and foundations
  • over 27500 visits to the DXpedition web page
  • only DXpedition announced by Niue for 2019 (currently)

A week before the start SP9FIH announces to go to Niue on the same dates, even arriving two days earlier

webpage of SP9FIH : http://www.e6.dxpeditions.org/
same flight route :
via Dubai-Auckland-Niue (there are almost 8 different way to go to niue from Europe)
Same frequencies plan or 5/10 kHz up .. this not allow me to work split because my RX windows will be disturbed from his transmission !!!
No announcement before, no anticipation, no communication from him to my mailbox.
Difficult to think of an error or a chance, such an incorrect activity damages everyone!
Two emails written to him asking for explanations without receiving any reply
I would gladly read what you think about this situation if you want to answer me in a private way.
Organizing a DXpedition in an extremely professional and respectful way of everything, with such high ambitions and to be clashed with such incorrect characters makes everything frustrating !
5B4ALX – Alex
E6ET Niue Island 2019

9 thoughts on “what’s going on

    1. Alex, this is a really unfortunate and mean spirited turn of events. In particular, I am not happy now that SP9FIH emailed me asking how to get a licence on Niue without revealing his proposed travel dates. I (as I would do for anyone else) gave him the contact data not expecting he was going to clash with your existing announced expedition. He is now crediting me with helping his expedition which, as it clashes with yours, makes me unhappy to be associated in any way with the SP9FIH (E6AF) exercise.

      If someone announces an expedition – it is very un-cool to try and go in and gazump them with another parallel expedition. SP9FIH has in my mind crossed the line here. Unfortunate.

      1. Further to my last message, I will soften my reply a little. On reflection I am reminded myself that it happened to me last year on Vanuatu – and in fact it turned out to be good fun and generated more friendship when we both had a chance to meet and have a relaxing long lunch.

        I can sympathize with your concern if it was to cause problems with sponsorship’s etc. I can not comment on whether it really was deliberate or an accident or a coincidence. Ultimately, provided both operators can cooperate on frequencies it could be a benefit to everyone. Niue is a Top 100 most wanted destination. I am confident, solar conditions being willing, that there would be enough DX for the both of you.

        1. my concern is not for sponsorships, sponsors have supported me and I will field my setup to ensure those who supported me the best possible conditions to carry out the QSO.
          my concern is to have spent 10 months to optimize a setup and then find me to have QRM intentional in the middle of the Pacific and not be able to do what I had expected in terms of results

          there were other possibilities:

          – contact me for something together
          – go before or after
          – focus on different bands

          nothing of this has been done and I still can not believe that this decision is good faith

  1. Do you have some problem with that situation ?
    One single man with his radio should not make any difference – or what do you think?
    As I can see on the Web the expedition has been announced before November 2018.

    Good Luck.
    73 de OZ2I Henning

    1. One single man with his radio on the same small island, at the same frequencies… planned o be acive in the same days, working on my RX frequencies… yes I think make the difference !

      Here what DX World published June 3, 2018 : https://dx-world.net/e6et-niue/
      Here the link to the DXnews announce of E6ET : https://dxnews.com/?s=e6et&lang=2
      same date has been announce everywhere else … June 2018 and July 2018 !!!!

  2. Very interested in contacting you in Niue. I lived on Niue from Jan 1961 to July 1963 and it would sure be nice to catch up with you.
    Worked E6AF on FT8 once is all.
    Don K7DHR

  3. Alex, just enjoy your radio and visit to Niue. Don’t spend any energy worrying about another ham. I have worked both of you one time. Working the other guy didn’t diminish QSO with you.
    Have fun.
    Dick, KD4S

  4. All I can say is thank you for your efforts. I made contact with you from Milton, PA. USA under very difficult conditions. You are a first class operator !!! I appreciate what you did for us. I was glad I could support you and look forward to your next mission.

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