FK 2018

FK – New Caledonia 2018

Below you will find some information about the activities planned from FK for March-April 2018.

Departure: March 18, 2018 via Dubai, Sidney, Noumea
Travel time: 25hours (+ 1day)

Arrival: March 20, 2018 Noumea
Start activities: the same day of arrival
End Activities: April 4, 2018

Return: April 4, 2018 via Melbourne, Dubai

Call : FK/5B4ALX.

The field for the antenna will not be much and I would like to allow as many stations to log FK, so my choice is to operate “good” on a few bands and few modes.
I dont rule out the possibility of a sporadic activity on the lower bands of 30m and 80m but at the moment I can not program them, I will evaluate the conditions at the moment.
In this table you can see the planned bands and modes for each band :

During the CQ WPX SSB Contest I will be active as SO15LP Not Assisted !!

Equipment :
Icom IC-7300 (100W no PA)
Multiband Homemade Vertical antenna 10mh
2x 50A switching
Laptop (running N1MM+ and JTDX)

Propagation Prediction for New Caledonia