Station Info

Microham USB Interface III
Antennas : 2x 11el Low Noise Yagi (18 dBi gain)
Rotator : G-5500 USB interfaced

RX cable : 22m LMR-400
TX cable : 22m Cellflex 1/2″ full copper

PA : 1kW Tube Amplifier

2x Daiwa (in/out) Wattmeter

Homemade Sequencer interface

QSL Policies

I made a 4 faces deluxe QSL card for the Cyprus EME Activities that you can find here on the top like preview.

QSL will be answered DIRECT via Clublog using the form you can find at the bottom of the page or via post mail (not recommended choice) at the address below with 3$ and SASE :

Alessandro Gromme
Via G.M. Savani 20
41125 – Modena – ITALY


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1I2FAKJune 7, 201916.51144123JT65BEMEJN45OL"O"QSL
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3UA3PTWJune 10, 201919.04144108JT65BEMEKO93BS"O"
4SV2JAOAugust 19, 201909.07144375FSK441MSKN10DN1180
5SV2JLAugust 24, 201905.43144388FSK441MSKN10LO1133
6LZ2PIAugust 24, 201906.02144389FSK441MSKN23XU1194
7UA3PTWAugust 25, 201905.08144126JT65BEMEKO93BS"O"
8RX1ASAugust 25, 201905.15144126JT65BEMEKO59FX"O"
9UR3EEAugust 25, 201905.25144126JT65BEMEKN88DC"O"
10I3MEKAugust 25, 201905.37144126JT65BEMEJN55SJ"O"
11R5AQAugust 25, 201905.51144126JT65BEMEKO86HP"O"
12UA4AQLAugust 25, 201906.03144126JT65BEMELO20QB"O"
13ZS4TXAugust 25, 201906.10144126JT65BEMEKG30BW"O"
14I2FAKAugust 25, 201907.25144126JT65BEMEJN45OB"O"