Racoon DX Project

Why and what ?


RDXP wants to group all the DX peditions and DX activities that I carry out over the years in one single project.

Let’s start briefly with “What?” : The intention is to enclose in a single project all the DX activities carried out over the years, mainly from the Pacific Ocean area, but not excluding any DXpedition activity.

But let’s better explain the “Why?” of this project:

I have always thought about managing a DXpedition (be careful I am not talking about HolydayStyle activities) as managing a small company; move almost 100kg of material on the other side of the Earth, the cost of (usualy) 4 flights, overnight stays in hotels during transits, QSL management for tens of thousands of QSOs, extra costs like fuel, licenses, accomodations, devices replacement … all this has a high cost and if you calculate the movement of a single activity between donations and costs, easily exceed 20k USD.

Each activity, if well managed, needs accounting, as in a company, where supporters are like customers who need to be accountable for the goodness and yield of the product.

RDXP wants to be, virtually, this small company that will show whoever wants to support it, the costs, the results and the future projects.

Ours is a hobby, it is true, but entertaining thousands of people has a high cost, which many support with their donations and I think it is right that so much money and such beautiful projects are managed with seriousness and transparency.

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QSL Cards

At the end of each activity the QSOs are always confirmed with 4-sided QSL printed by Printed.it with the best quality.

The standard QSL for a well-planned and financed activity can only be 4-sided, full color, plasticized and sent to those who request it through OQRS with a personalized envelope and with the relative logo on top.
The cost, certainly very high, of printing high quality QSL cards is usually covered by OQRS requests and printed.it still provides us with the best possible QSL cards.

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