QSL policies

My QSL are printed by Alfio Bonanno IT9EJW since lot of years, you can visit his website at www.printed.it and all of them are managed from my big friend Pier (SWL I4/765BO) in Italy.


I’m a member of Cyprus Amateur Radio Society but I prefere you use the italian bureau via IZ4AMS


Bureau QSL  via IZ4AMS or 5B4ALX
Direct Postmail QSL – Italy prioritaria preaffrancata
Direct Postmail QSL – World 3 $
Direct OQRS  via clublog


Due to the absurd increases of the postal rates in Italy, the direct QSL requests OQRS or by mail will be sent from Cyprus.
It does not change the shipping address through my call IZ4AMS for convenience of receipt of mail.

Please don’t ask me to confirm QSOs on QRZ.com log or eQSL… I don’t use them !!!

Please read


  1. I ALWAYS answer to ALL the direct requests that arrive to me with correct contribution (on my site I am reporting ALL the requests received with date of arrival and evasion)
  2. on my site are the conditions for requests by ordinary mail
  3. request a refund to paypal for a QSL card that has been lost from the post office or that you may have received (I do not have proof of receipt) is incorrect
  4. Every QSL receipt that does not respect the contributions or the policies listed above will be processed via bureau
  5. if you do not receive the QSL it means that the postal service has lost the shipment or that it is still too early, in any case I am not responsible for the inefficiencies of the mail in my or your country and the contribution you send often does not cover the cost of the QSL and a double expedition (in addition to my time and that of my manager), I hope you understand!