T30ET – Tarawa Atoll

Update News

28 July 2020 : Unfortunately, today Solomon Island Gov published the extension of the ban period to international flights to 24 October 2020.

Solomon Airlines has today confirmed the airline will extend its suspension of scheduled international passenger flying from 31 August as previously advised, until 24 October, 2020.

However, I continue to monitor the situation in the hope of better development.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the only further possibility of reaching Tarawa Island is through Fiji Island but further quarantine constraints and two additional flights with over 100kg of equipment make this alternative unacceptable.

I evaluated the possibility of an alternative activity in September from another location in central Africa but I decided that I prefer to focus resources on T30 as soon as possible with the possibility, if resources allow it (time and money) to extend the DXpedition to H40 as well , a location that was planned for 2021.

At the moment the villa in Tarawa is paid for three weeks and I have a voucher for the transit to Brisbane, so nothing is canceled … you just have to be a little patient and not be put off.

All the material is ready to go and is regularly tested and kept checked … we wait for the flights to reopen!

Date and Details

Departure: (date not available at the moment)

Arrival: (date not available at the moment)
Start activities: the same day of arrival
End Activities: (date not available at the moment)

Return: (date not available at the moment)

Bands and Modes

Bands : 6/10/15/17/20/30/40/60/160m


Equipment :

2x Icom IC-7300
2x 500W SSPA
4x switching
2x Laptop (running Wintest and DIGI dxped software)

Antennas :

6m : Mono Quad @ 8mh
12m : 2el Monoband Delta Loop
15m : VDA
17m : VDA
20m : VDA
30/40/60: Homemade 18mh Vertical Antenna
80/160m : Homemade Inverted L

T30ET will be active in FT8 mode focus the 20m during the day and 40m during the night.

A 40m station will be active all night, from 7:00 UTC (20:00 local) to 17:00 UTC (6:00 local), in FT8.

Occasionally, during the day, the same station will be activated in 20m FT8

T30ET will be able to manage up to 5 signals simultaneously without the need for the correspondents to set any type of fox & hunt option but simply by calling T30ET as in a normal QSO.

You do not have to set any DXpedition mode option, do not worry if you will see T30ET working on you and other stations simultaneously, send RRR73 and the QSO will be done !!

Note: if you are not in the log, please dont ask to check any software log, will not be done !


40mの駅は、FT8の午前7時(現地時間の20:00)から17:00 UTC(午前6:00まで)の間、毎晩アクティブになります。

時折、昼間に同じ駅が20m FT8



160m : 1840 – 1908 (JA) KHz
80m : 3545 KHz
40m : 7055 KHz
30m : 10140 KHz
20m : 14080 KHz
17m : 18106 KHz
15m : 21090 KHz
12m: 24900 KHz
10m : 28070 KHz
6m : 50300 KHz

Some analisys about Western Kiribati on the bands and continents :