​What happens to your QSLs to me?

I usually prefer to receive them at the italian bureau via IZ4AMS (my Italian call).

Although I live in Cyprus permanently, I keep my Italian call yet.

In Italy my friend Pier I4/765BO (swl), that you see in the photo, has been managing the arrivals and departures for years, labeling every single QSL and checking any manager before sending, doing a really perfect job.

Many QSLs also come to me at the Cyprus bureau via homecall, I withdraw when I can.

I travel a lot for work and often when I’m on the air, I’m active by running the station remotely … but not always … I like to spendere time to the radio when I’m at home, it relaxes me from work stress.

I reply via bureau to all the QSOs made with my 5B4ALX call and in very short time to direct requests or OQRS (the system I prefer).

As for the QSOs with H2X, I only reply directly to the following reason:

Too many times in the pass, it happened that the stations called me in the contest only to have the QSL without realy participating in the contest, appearing only in my log as a unique call, thus creating a possible log error.

This prevents those who think about gaining QSL by pretending to participate in the contest by putting my score at risk.

Well, from the director tell me that there seems to be everything …

it will always be a pleasure have You on my log !

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