New Vertical Antenna Tuning Box – Part 2

This is the continuation of the previous article, in order not to make it long and tedious to read we start again from here:

Today 21,Nov…  after watching the “tuning room 80m” (I didnt like the air coil so long), I just made the tuning coil again.
Now a 14uH part is fixed wound on d.63mm while a second part is wrapped in air, mobile, and allows me to fine-tune when will be installed.

left=before – right=now

After this intervention I started and finished the “tuning room” 160m.

Also in this band, like the 80m, there is a vacuum relay B1B that need to shortening two coils of the tuning coil to allow a double resonance CW/DIGI.

The last “tuning room” is the 60m which is almost over, just missing the choke that I didnt have time to wrap it and test by instrument…  then I can put everything in the box and start to connect the feeds to the 4 SO239, the control cable connector and radial strips.