Tropical storm hit 5B

A tropical storm with winds at 55knt hit the southeastern part of the island today

the antennas of the low bands have gone, the mast has collapsed on the rotary mast of the yagi damaging it.
After a first great discomfort, as soon as the wind has calmed down, even still strong, I started to remove some parts.
Let’s go ahead and try to find the positive side … it’s an opportunity to renew the antennas and finish the project work.

Tomorrow, if will be sunny I start alone and saturday 5B4ALR will be a great help to finish :

1) install the new 18mh vertical for 30/60/80m and the 42m inverted L for 160m

2) move the double active rx loops in a best position and put them at al least 6mh from the roof in a freespace.

3) repair the rotable mast of the yagis and raise it up again