New 18mh mast up to the sky

Sunday, with the help of 5B4ALR, we finally raised the 18mh mast on the highest part of the roof of the building with the base of the antenna 24m from the ground… on free space 360 deg around !!

In these days I have placed almost all the 600m of radials, of which 5 of 42m destined to the use of the antenna in the TOP BAND.
Now begins the most critical and delicate procedure: the tuning of the single band LC systems inside the tuning box… the 4 bands individually.
In these days I have optimized the first band (30m)in 30m the antenna works like 5/8 wave

Fr: 10128 kHz
Z = 50.1 Ohm
XS = 1.3
SWR = 1.28

Next band to be tuned : 60m (1/4 wave fullsize) than 80m (1/4 wave) and at the end 160m (1/4 wave inverted L)