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IARU HF Championship 2017 results

The official results of the IARU HF Championship 2017 have just been released. From the ARRL website it is possible to download the awards simply by entering the callsign !…
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New mast for old antenna !

The previous installation unfortunately did not last long: the 15 + 3m mast installed on the top of the house destined to the 30/60/80/160m bands collapsed due to gusts of…
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FK/5B4ALX DVD available @ SHOP

The FK/5B4ALX DXpedtion DVDs in New Caledonia are available on the website's online store (more…)
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New 18mh mast up to the sky

Sunday, with the help of 5B4ALR, we finally raised the 18mh mast on the highest part of the roof of the building with the base of the antenna 24m from…
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Maintenance of IK4ALM Alex antennas in ITALY

Saturday morning, on a beautiful sunny day, I helped my friend Alex IK4ALM in the maintenance of his antenna system. (more…)
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FK/5B4ALX first look

My trip to FK starts in Milan (Italy) ... here the adventure starts, it will drop me at 17,000km far from home. (more…)
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