NA pileup on 20m FT8

It is now the 1am when I decide to turn everything in the radio room …
At this time it is soon for the intercontinental 60m, only signals from Europe, so I decide to try the 20m FT8.

I’m going to 1410HZ and let’s go with the first call “NO EU 5B4ALX KM64″…

It is immediately pileup, some unruly European station calls however…. the signals from US and Canada are huge and loud.

Unfortunately FT8 has some decoding problem with pileup, when there are many stations that call me on the same frequency … problem I didn’t find on JT65 so I still prefer it to FT8 … but slower.

QSOs follow one after the other and often i read my friend VE9DX also QRV who works many US stations !


Well… I go to take a cup of coffee and try to go QSY on 5357 kHz JT65 …. hope to have you on my log this night !