FK/5B4ALX – Testing Vertical Antenna

Today with a beautiful sunny day

I thought it was the right occasion to try one of the antennas I will use from New Caledonia.

The antenna I mentioned in a previous article was designed for the highest bands, up to 30m, not below.
Unfortunately, however, the first tests have shown that it’s not possible to find a compromise (and the compromises I never like) to have an acceptable resonance on both the highest bands and the 30m band that I particularly care about.

At this point I preferred to optimize for the higher bands, in some bands SWR and Rs curves are really good, in others a bit less but perfectly usable even with the tuner help.

In the coming days I will design something that covers me 30m and 40m in a great way, are two bands that will give me many QSOs !!!